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 What is happening...? 
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Intelli, we need you... just be carefull, you know necro posting caused bans... Rokkr "told" me... yes, R, we have seeeeeen you and I was flashed by your awesome beauty...

Aren't we already on 4.6.something? It says so (or similar every time I enter this GREAT server. How to make it even greater? Difficult, but: new wilderness, reset the End (bi-bi-annualy), reset of individual plots (by owner and then map 2, 3 or 4?)... Pleeeeease, Mr. I, I beg you. We need shulker boxes, well I need them (for shoes, shoes and more shoes) and so on...


P.S.: Grel, I am still working on the present...
Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:27 pm
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