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 [NOTICE] Read Before Creating an Idea / Suggestion 
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Post [NOTICE] Read Before Creating an Idea / Suggestion
Title Formatting
Idea: <My Idea> (Do not place any tags in your title)

Be clear
Please make sure to make it clear exactly what you are suggesting. Please outline the steps that would be taken to implement the idea.

One suggestion per week
Please wait at least 7 days between submitting suggestions, or your suggestion will be rejected.

Idea Types
Ideas cannot involve specific players, times, or locations, and must require changes made by a server developer. Ideas for community events, such as making themed changes to a realm or having a player get-together, should be submitted in the communities forum.

Ideas that involve a specific date or time should be submitted directly to staff for consideration, by emailing [email protected]. This is due to the fact that even if an idea in this forum is accepted, we cannot guarantee that it will be implemented by the required deadline.

Idea Acceptance
In order to have your idea accepted to be implemented, it must meet the listed requirements, as well as having at least 70% of the votes on the poll being yes. As well, ideas must have a minimum of 20 votes within 48 hours of being suggested, or it will be rejected.

Regarding Tags
You may notice [IMPLEMENTED], [ACCEPTED], and [REJECTED] tags beside titles. Do NOT manually place these in your title. Additionally, do not edit them out. These are placed by admins. Breaking this rule will result in a forum ban.

[IMPLEMENTED] = This idea has been implemented in game.
[ACCEPTED] = This idea has been accepted, and will be implemented shortly.
[REJECTED] = This idea will not be implemented.
[INVALID] = Invalid post formatting, idea type, or the idea already exists in-game.

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